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Australia: A Land of Opportunities is your next travel destination!

Feeling tired? Stressed out? Bored? Why not come on a holiday to Australia? With countless beaches, stunning outlooks, unique wildlife and terrifc adventures on offer, Australia has something for everyone. So for your next holiday, make sure you book Australia! 


View the pictures and text below or click on any of the above pages to find out information about Australia and tourists options.

The above map shows where Australia lies in the world. It is the red land mass down near the bottom right of the image. 

Below is a map of Australia and it's main cities, towns and attractions.

Travel Information: 

The emergency number is triple zero (000),  112 on mobiles

To find information on international and domestic airlines, car hire, accommodation or  

attractions visit the following websites:

 Climate and Weather Conditions:

  • Different states in Australia handle the seasons differently than others.
  • Due to Ausralia being an island, the coastal conditions differ largely from the inland conditions.
  • Average of 16.5 inches of rain per year.
  • This leads to much of the northern region suffering droughts, heat waves and forest fires.
  • In summary, the northern regions of Australia have tropical conditions whereas the southern regions of Australia have coastal, moderate weather.
  • Australia's average Summer temperature is 29 degrees C
  • Australia's average Winter temperature is 13 degrees C 
Table showing the season and their corresponding months in both hemispheres.

The above table shows the season and their corresponding months in both hemispheres.

Below is a picture of Australia depicting the temperature ranges of different destinations.


 Time-Zone Differences:

Australia time zones may differ to other countries. Below is the time differences of different cities in relation to Sydney, Australia.


* affected by daylight saving time (DST) or summer time.

*2 means the time is the day before presented.

*3 means the time is the day after presented.


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