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Australia is known to have 41 diverse World Heritage Sites; 12  are Convict Sites, 11 Gondwana Rainforests, 4 islands around the coast of Australia, 2 Fossil Mammal Sites, 2 man-made buildings (not including the convict sites) + another 10 breath-taking natural sites.

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Just one of many spectacular views at Kakadu National Park.

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Purnululu National Park is an exotic environment found just outside of the Northern Territory.

Australian Fossil Mammal Site (Riversleigh) is a marvellous place and beholds evidence of the stages of fauna evolution in Australia.

Great Barrier Reef is the most prevalent coral reef system and has one of the most enriched biological diversity in the world.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, with complex dune systems that are constantly changing, dune lakes and rainforests.

Sydney Opera House is an aesthetically pleasing, engineering masterpiece. It is one of the most busiest performing arts centre in the world.

Sydney Opera House

Australian Convict Site, Hyde Park Barracks shows the Australian history of convicts.

Map of Australia showing each of the above mentioned Heritage sites. 


A Purnululu National Park

B Kakadu National Park

C Riversleigh Fossil Fields

D Great Barrier Reef

E Fraser Island

F Sydney Opera House

G Hyde Park Barracks 

Just 17 of Australia's unreal scenery at the Heritage Sites. 

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